Aqua Maris Review

It's summer. Almost. And what that means in our house is sniffles, sneezes, itches, runny eyes, runny noses, and getting through a small rainforest's worth of tissues. I was pretty keen to try out Aqua Maris as I'd like to avoid giving Squeaky antihistamines as long as I possibly can, but she seems to be following in Daddy & my footsteps with the summertime blues of hayfever.

Aqua Maris is a natural way of dealing with hayfever, allergies and blocked noses. It's a saline nasal spray, made with Adriatic sea water from Croatia. The Adriatic is known for its clear & clean waters, and the trace elements in the water help cleanse and refresh the nasal passages & promote healing. Breathing sea air has been a curative and restorative remedy for generations, and Aqua Maris has bottled it in a handy spray.

I was sent two bottles to try, one of the Strong version for adults, and one of the Junior for Squeaky. And so we set to sniffing from our spray bottles, much to the confusion of Daddy.

The biggest immediately noticeable difference is that the Strong version is in a glass bottle, whereas the Junior is a plastic bottle, much more suited to when you're dealing with small people and their interfering little hands. A simple thought, but a good idea in my opinion.

Now, as for the Aqua Maris nasal spray itself. We've used saline sprays with Squeaky before when she's got a cold. She would never let me near her with the baby bogey sucker thing, and I've found that saline sprays work quite well to relieve blocked noses. That meant she knew what to expect. She wasn't entirely keen - then again would you be keen when a wild eyed mummy came running up to you wanting to stick something up your nose? Despite the shouts of "No!" I managed to persuade her to let me try the Junior spray out on her, and it does seem to have an effect on her sniffles & sneezes, though I don't think I could manage to use it on her 3-4 times a day as per the instructions.

For me, it certainly seems to deal with the nasal symptoms of hayfever. Sadly I also get the runny eyes and skin itching, and that means I haven't been able to cut out my antihistamine tablets just yet, though I feel better than I have done in a long time, in terms of hayfever at least! I'm going to add it to my armoury of hayfever relief, and am anticipating trying it out on colds later in the year as well. I was going to say "eagerly anticipating", but that would just be wrong, no-one is ever eager for a cold.

If you've never used a nasal spray before, it can be a strange sensation, spraying stuff up your nose, and you do sort of taste it in the back of your throat shortly afterwards. But the spray is super-fine, it's a measured dose, so there's no worries about squirting too much up there and having it dribble back down (ewwwww!) Sorry to anyone eating while reading there!

Aqua Maris is available online through their website, through Amazon, or from a number of independent pharmacies.

Disclosure: I was provided with two bottles of Aqua Maris free of charge for the purposes of this review. I was not told what to write and all opinions are my own. Links are provided for your convenience, I am not a member of any affiliate scheme and I will not receive reward for their use.


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